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Before I begin a new art project I envision the finished piece and work backwards. Most often I prepare a drawing where I establish the composition and color palette before transferring the image to the canvas or other media.  Although I am not a process painter, I allow the process to inform my work and take me on an expressive journey of discovery. Art reflects life in that it is about relationships. One change to the composition or color affects the entirety of the piece much the same way making a change in your life affects your relationships.

I predominantly employ old master techniques in my paintings.  I lay down the initial image and build layer upon layer of paint and glazes to achieve depth and interest.  The surface of my paintings is smooth with brush strokes barely visible, if at all.  I incorporate both oils and acrylic in my arsenal of materials according to the piece.  All of my paintings are varnished which enhances the many layers I built up during the course of the process. Although my painting style resembles realism and/or surrealism an up-close view of the paintings reveals an abstract quality created by the many paint layers.

I use the finest quality brushes, canvas, paints, and varnishes to execute all of my work. My paintings will stand the test of time and can be handed down from generation-to-generation. Prints and posters will also be of the highest quality.  I don't put my name on anything of which I am not proud.


"Where Are We Now? : Activism of the Everyday"

Women's International Juried Exhibition - 2020

Koehnline Museum of Art in Collaboration with Women's & Gender Studies

Oakton College

Des Plaines, IL

Kristin Haas, Curator

"Fashioning the Self:  You Are What You Wear?"
Women's International Juried Exhibition - 2019
Koehnline Museum of Art in Collaboration with Women's & Gender Studies
Oakton College
Des Plaines, IL
Nathan Harpaz, Curator


"Los Angeles Fashion Week: ArtHeartsFashion Exhibition"
The Macarthur
Los Angeles, CA
Six Summit Gallery Juried Exhibition- 2018
Ivoryton, CN
Leo Feroleto, Curator


"Visural: Sight, Sound and Action"
Nave Gallery Annex Juried Exhibition- 2015
Somerville, MA
Karen Gutfreund and Sherri Cornett, Curators


"Beach Comber Art: Seaside Discoveries"
Smithsonian Institution Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center Juried Exhibition- 2014
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
A. Mark Haddon, Education Director 
College of Southern Maryland
Jenny Walton, Adjunct Faculty, Communication, Arts and Humanities 


"Library Thoughts-4"
Hegyvidek Gallery Juried Exhibition- 2014
Budapest, Hungary
Beata Szechy, Curator


"Edges & Curves"
The Haggus Society Juried Exhibition - 2014
Altadena Library
Los Angeles, CA
Terri Lloyd & Tina Wallin, Curators


"Plan B"
The Haggus Society Exhibition - 2014
Invitational Salon
Los Angeles, CA
Terri Lloyd & Nina Ehlig, Curators


"Bodies by Design: Modification, Coercion, and Resistance"
Women's International Juried Exhibition - 2013
Koehnline Museum of Art in Collaboration with Women's & Gender Studies
Oakton College
Des Plaines, IL
Judy Langston, Curator


The Haggus Society Juried Exhibition - 2013
Market Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
Terri Lloyd, Curator


"Geometric Abstraction vs Abstract Expressionism"
EWNS Art Project Juried Exhibition- 2013
International Online Exhibition
Paris, France


"The Personal is Political: The Transformative Power of Women's Art"
Women's National Juried Exhibition - 2012
Koehnline Museum of Art in Collaboration with Women's & Gender Studies
Oakton College
Des Plaines, IL
Judy Langston, Curator


"What Is Your Question?"
K Zhang Gallery Juried Exhibition- 2012
Online Gallery
Kaitlin Zhang, Curator


"The Bacon Social: Art, Music, Booze & Bacon"
Factory Gallery Juried Exhibition- 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Taryn Melissa, Curator
DrumKitART Feature
Drum Business Magazine - 2009


"Envisioning the Future" Project
Cal Poly Pomona University Juried Collaborative Project- 2003
Judy Chicago & Donald Woodman, Curators
Pomona, CA


San Francisco Art Institute BFA Graduation Exhibition, 1992


George Mason University Fine Art Student Exhibition, 1984-1985


Neiman Marcus,  Washington, D.C.
Photographic Works on Display, 1979-1981

Marsten Rothenberg National Advertising Campaign
Featured Photographic Series, 1979


WASH Album Cover (Back)
"Top Ten Bands of Washington, D.C." 1979


Rock City News, Washington, D. C.
Band Photos Published 1979-1980



BFA, San Francisco Art Institute-1992


Graduate, Ray Vogue School of Photography, 1972


Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship Recipient
University of Maryland, 1987

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